Lily-Rose opponent? Another goddess of the goddess of Hollywood debut

There is a beautiful face, a ringing family reputation, born in Hollywood boys and girls who are not eager to inherit the mantle of parents began acting or engage in music, their first step is usually: when the model. For example, today we have to say the hero Maya Thurman, she is Uma Thurman (Uma Thurman) and Ethan Hawke (Ethan Hawke) daughter, has now started his own model of the road.



Maya Thurman, 18, has just become a freshman at the Juilliard School of Music in New York. Like Lily-Rose Depp, Brooklyn Beckham, the most popular “Star II”, Maya not only inherited the beauty from their parents, but also more cool, more self. Now, she ushered in his “official debut”, which is the first job: to become the British trend brand AllSaints 2017 spring and summer advertising model.

Free, unassuming, casual, hippie … … a short-haired Maya did not put a pleasing smile, did not cover the face of freckles, and even slightly neutral feeling, especially “wanton” to complete the work of the model.



The location was chosen in the northern town of Woodstock in New York, where youth culture and rock and roll, as well as Maya grew up, far away from Hollywood.



“Most of the time, parents let me out of the public eye, I think this has a very positive impact on me. Only a few public appearances, they are very cautious, gave me ‘advice’ is not Too much heart, if you feel happy laugh.

Maya did “do”, in June last year CFDA held in the United States Fashion Designers Association Award, Maya no parents, wearing Zac Posen onto the red carpet, excitedly turned the circle:

When it comes to Maya’s parents, it should be Hollywood’s “most deplorable” pair: the mother Uma Thurman, her beauty is very personal, that “vulgar novel” movie posters almost everyone has seen, smoking Alice legs of the temptation to become a classic can not be copied:

As well as her in the “kill Bill” in the “revenge bride” role, the world seems to find her more cool than the gas field of the actress:

Wait until the “nick of time”, Uma to a blonde beauty image, the United States was not like a real person, and Ethan Hawke in the drama outside the play at the same time fell in love:

It is said that Ethan Hawke long ago fell in love with Uma, this love in the studio birth to all loved, two people quickly held a wedding, and gave birth to their eldest daughter Maya.

But unfortunately, two people divorced in 2004, although the outside world accused of derailment because Ethan, but Ethan that is too strong to lead to both sides, and Uma also refused to blame the other, she just want to live with family as much as possible.

Perhaps it is because of this, Maya and Ethan and Uma are very close, we can feel that the parents who do not want to grow up in the absence of her daughter. In one of Maya’s few public appearances, it is clear that Ethan and Uma are fond of her.

In 2013, 15-year-old Maya and Ethan and his brother to participate in the film “escape” premiere:
In February 2014, Ethan took Maya to the Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Nomination Banquet:

The next day and then went to the Oscar nomination dinner:

In July 2014, Maya and Uma together to participate in Miu Miu 2015 spring series release:

Uma height 178, her daughter also inherited her and Ethan tall figure, you can feel the mother and daughter walking in the show outside Guards long legs:

October 2014, Maya and Uma to participate in “everything theory” New York premiere:

Mother and daughter in the red carpet on the various intimacy:

In some non-public occasions, Maya has always been able to attract people’s attention, such as with the mother out of the street, to Dad’s studio visit:

Lily-Rose Depp, who, like Maya’s age, also has a pair of “goddesses” as parents (Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis), looks very much the same with her mother when young, personality is also a Cool girl.

However, Lily-Rose, although not a long time to join, but the development path has been very clear: on the one hand she loves acting, now with the work to the film festival propaganda (she and Natalie Portman starring “planetarium”);

On the other hand is inherited her mother’s road, become the darling of Lafayette, has become sought after by the fashion icon.

In contrast, Maya this time to play advertising model seems to be more “fun” nature, she will return to school life, like an ordinary young people, busy with their studies and interviews. But we believe that Maya “charging” at the same time, certainly not in the fashion or actor on the road to stop, “next-generation muse” just around the corner.


Master of Fashion, Make Every Minute Worthy

When Mentioning Stacy Martin, you know as an actor, she was famous in her early career, and has attracted more and more attention by the bold starred in non conventional roles and admirable big screen performance. In her films, the thought of the fate is conveyed through the language of the lens. Not long ago, Stacy Martin has starred the “story of the story”, which directed by Matteo Garrone, and participated in the sixty-eighth session of the Cannes film festival. She is bound to be the next superstar actress for the fans.

Stacy Martin is elegant and delicate, fusing the traditional and modern rebellious spirit, all blend into one harmonious whole. And this coincides with the female images set by Miu Miu, exquisite and modern, natural and fearless. in winter advertising which filmed by photographer Steven Meisel, in her starring in the Miu Miu new handbags, Steven perfectly captured her young, elegant and mysterious melancholy temperament barely disguised. Stacy Martin, it is the embodiment of the spirit of Miu Miu handbags.

In this era, there is no longer need a person who seems to be fashionable, because, this era needs the people who can create fashion. Miu Miu Matelass handbags series is doomed to be a distinctive fashion element, with it, you not only have a handbag, but also have a recognition on the degree of self fashion. The spirit of Miu Miu fashion bag leads more, younger, stylish people to become a new generation of ICON.


Miu Miu Club Matelassé Series

From the beginning of 1992, Miu Miu has become a private express of designer Ms Miuccia Prada, Matelass pleated leather elements throughout in the Miu Miu series handbags, its soft represents the female lightsome and cleverness, the mix of metal buttons or metal chain present a girl free uninhibited and indifference ethereal beauty. This year, Miu Miu Matelass still basing on the pleated leather elements, launched a series of Miu Miu Matelass handbag.

Source of the name “MiuMiu club” come form the 1980s free uninhibited nightlife spirit, this is a party girl wearing leather pencil skirt, wearing a chandelier earrings, occasionally put on a 1950s flower vintage jacket coat. Her Miu Miu handbag as eclectic, provocation of publicity as herself, fully embodies the Miu Miu’s core values, integrates the classic temperament and naughty fun, luxury fine workmanship, as well as the nifty willfulness into one organic whole.

The new MiuMiu handbag outlet contains matelass leather, with a delicate and soft texture, and is accompanied by a classic version Palladio style chain straps. Color designs have broke the traditional style, which one of them even used bold diagonal stripes, let people think of the hazard warning signs.

Transversely arranged on the front bag of the second chain was deliberately enlarged in proportion, adds a touch of rough elements for the overall design. if taken individually, saying it is a piece of jewelry is not too much. MiuMiu Club handbags always are built for the worldly girls, with unique insights, who loves and knows how about fashion, whose style is not vulgar, and still retains a trace of wildness

Rock girls Favorite Love , Miu Miu Soft Fold Handbag

From the beginning of 1992, Miu Miu has become a private expression place of designer Ms. Miuccia Prada, Matelass folds pleated leather elements throughout the series of Miu Miu handbags, its soft represents the female lightsome and clever, collocating with metal buttons or metal chains together form a free uninhibited and indifference ethereal beauty of girls. This year, Miu Miu still using the Matelassé fold leather elements as the keynote, launched the unique AMIULET series leather cross body bags, Club series, and a series of Christmas gifts.

Miu Miu Soft Fold Handbag

Matelass fold leather is one of the most representative design element of the fake Miu Miu handbags, it uses a 100% Lamb Leather to manufacture, texture is extremely soft while touch feel warm, feel particularly good. Soft as a symbol of female’s lightsome and clever, three-dimensional fold enriches the handbag texture, their combination increases more fun for the handbag, let a person wear with both elegant and innocent sense. Miu Miu’s signal always represents the vitality and youth, it is a mental state, rather than the age. Designer Ms. Prada is also focus on constructing the spirit of fashion, with a positive and healthy way to show the sexy and rebellious series of products.

Matelass fold leather successfully extended into the various series of Miu Miu cheap handbags, furthermore this year Miu Miu using the Matelass fold leather elements as the keynote, launched extraordinary Miu Miu Club series. It bag body selected symbolic matelass leather to make into, the structure is delicate and soft, and match with the classic Palladian style chain shoulder strap, which specifically created for the worldly girl who has a unique insights for wearing. Color design breakout the traditional style, in one of which adopted the bold diagonal stripes, let people remind of the hazard warning signs.

Colorful Candy MIU MIU Handbags, Make You Crazy for It

Compared to Prada, its attached brand MIU MIU not only think highly of senior fashion technology, but also like to explore the interesting experiments. Each time Miu Miu will tell the story of a woman with a unique perspective, by the delicate tailoring innovation it can always create a pleasant surprise in the historical nostalgia style. 2015 winter series of fake Miu Miu handbag still in the description of the 1960s girls, but extremely plump color of syrup let people possessed, fused the animal grain leather, which is full of vitamin C texture, Little Daisy earrings, necklaces, high button shoes, folding design bag, all of these want to take home. Miu Miu applied all the color of playground with a cheerful tone to the party, to draw a perfect ending of Paris fashion week .

MIU MIU Handbags

This series of Miu Miu Madras handbags, are neatly arranged, in fact very cunning. First with the amazing diversity of sweet color remove your mind and then use the small details of lovely girls and erect contour, relentlessly capture the heart of you, unconsciously but inexplicably appreciate for it. Through the new crack leather accessories, reinterpreting the basic elements of charming elegance. In the new series, deliberately adding pigment and crack design on the surface staining leather, creating delicate and unique crack effect, enhances the charming and vintage style to the cusp high-heeled shoes and double color handbag. Like a woman’s grace, which originated from a lot of feelings and thoughts, creating such a beautiful gesture.

MIU MIU Handbags

Plaid can be said to be a masterstroke run through the entire series, the plaid is not stereotyped in this series, using interspersed sewing skill, outline the chunks of the plaid with two different color line, and then integrated the grids into the design, like the picture by children crayons, which really brilliant.

Top MIU MIU Handbags Craquele Series

MIU MIU handbags launched the Collection Craquele series in the new spring and summer, through the new crack leather accessories, reinterprets the basic elements of charming elegance. In the new series, deliberately applies the crack design on the staining leather surface layers of pigment, creates the delicate and unique crack effect, increasing the charming and vintage feelings to beautiful women’ high-heeled shoes and double color handbag. Like a woman’s grace come from a lot of thoughts and feelings, creating such a beautiful gesture.

MIU MIU Handbags

The basement of the fashion is meandering and colorful, and never tired to the change. While the top handle bag manufacturer MIU MIU captured the sensual charm of restlessness that inspired from the beginning of the creation, forming a major feature of his variety of changeable works, in the constant repetition of the same theme showing a diversity of characteristics, and thus remembered by people.

Born with the experimental spirit of youthful and lively attitude, rather than age, in the deep side of MIU MIU women, intertwined the attitudes of contradiction and opposition.This is the origin of the Craquele Collection: this series of handbags is like a luck charm, each is a unique magic, so that people according to their own personality to make a choice. Eighteen types of handbags are produced by a complicated and sophisticated production process, but showing a rebellious and provocative aesthetic style.

MIU MIU Handbags

Separation and recombination of different material fabric creates an unexpected effect: the deliberately created crack leather; combination of Python leather and resin material; symbol of Matelass rows pleated leather constructs the original animal texture patterns. Geranium pink, blue stars, black cherry color and papaya color, these bright and without prevalent color become the palette of the briefcase, flipped cover handbag and bowling shape fake MIU MIU bag. Each bag is like a small craft treasures, the special nameplate and special packaging highlights their particularity.

Stay in style-Ten options for Miu Miu bags this season

If you cannot afford Prada, go for cheap Miu Miu handbags. The house of Prada is an Italian luxury goods company established since 1913. The Prada label is synonymous with opulence and top quality, and is widely considered as a status symbol. The same as other luxury products, Prada is also known for incredibly high prices and very limited accessibility, which is different to Miu Miu handbags knock off. The key person who has made great contribution to Prada handbags is undoubtedly the granddaughter of the Prada initiator-Miuccia Prada. Thanks to her acute sense of fashion and ingenious creativity, the House of rich legacy flourishes with modern, MiuMiu handbags replica, glamorous and fresh fashions. Here we recommend ten Miu Miu handbags for you this season, choose your favorite one!

Option 1: Miu Miu Leather Tote (MMRN0658; Black)
-Deer skin tote bag
-Metal hardware
-Detachable shoulder strap
-Inside pocket with zipper
-Handle: 12cm
-Dimensions (W x H x D): 42 x 34 x 18cm

Miu Miu Leather Tote bags


Option 2: Miu Miu Tote (MMRR1738; Navy / Beige)
-Leather Intreccio shopping bag
-Snap top closure
-Inside zip pocket x 1
-Inside open pocket x 2
-Dimensions (W x H x D): 37 x 38.5 x 17cm

Miu Miu Tote bags


Option 3: Miu Miu Leather Tote (MMRN0423; Light Pink)
-Shiny Lambskin tote bag
-Gathering on top part
-Laces on sides
-Polished brass hardware
-Detachable shoulder strap
-Snap closure
-Inside pocket with zipper
-Metal lettering logo on outside
-Cotton satin lining
-Dimensions (W x H x D): 40.5 x 34 x 12cm

Miu Miu Leather Tote bags


Option 4: Miu Miu Leather Tote (MMRN0976; Black)
-Calf leather
-Gold tone hardware
-Inside zip pocket and multifunction pockets
-Side zip for extension
-Detachable 111-121cm shoulder strap
-Dimensions (W x H x D): 33 x 36 x 17cm

Miu Miu Leather Tote bags


Option 5: Miu Miu Bi-Colour Leather Tote (MMRN0888; Light Grey / White)
-Miu Miu Vit Caribu Bicol Bag
-100% Vitello Leather
-Dimension: 35 x 28 x 20cm
-Made in Italy

Miu Miu Bi-Colour Leather Tote bags


Option 6: Miu Miu Satchel (MMRN0774; Grey)
-Exterior: Side snaps for expansion, multiple compartments
-Entry: Push release lock on flap
-Hardware: Silvertone
-Handles: Single top handle
-Removable shoulder strap
-Interior pockets: Double (2) flat pockets in front compartment, one (1) centre zip compartment, rear flat and zippered pockets
-Protective bottom feet
-Shoulder strap drop: 10 inches
-Dimensions (H x W x D): 11 x 16 x 10″
-Drop: 5″

Miu Miu Satchel bags


Option 7: Miu Miu Leather Satchel (MMRT0365; Burgundy)
-Leather top handle mini-bag
-Polished brass hardware
-Zip closure
-Metal lettering logo on outside
-Cotton satin lining
-Detachable shoulder strap
-Dimensions (W x H x D): 37 x 25 x 15cm


Option 8: Miu Miu Matelassé Leather Tote (MMRN0958; Fuchsia)
-Matelassé nappa leather tote
-Metal lettering logo
-Detachable shoulder strap
-Dimensions (W x H x D): 28 x 22 x 9cm

Miu Miu Matelasse Leather Tote bags


Option 9: Miu Miu Leather Tote (MMRN0941; Burgundy)
-Original Nappa leather three-pocket bag
-Two-way zip closure
-Inside zip pocket and cellphone pocket
-Metal lettering logo
-Cotton satin lining
-Detachable 95cm shoulder strap
-Dimensions (W x H x D): 31 x 25 x 14cm

Miu Miu Leather Tote bags


Option 10: Miu Miu Matelasse Leather Tote (MMRR1831; Pink)
-Cloquet Nappa Leather Tote
-Snap top closure
-Two inside pockets (including a zip pocket)
-Polished steel hardware
-Leather handle with detachable braided element
-Cotton satin lining
-Detachable shoulder strap
-Dimensions (W x H x D): 29 x 30 x 10.5cm

Miu Miu Matelasse Leather Tote bags

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